The Probios® Intelliflora® 10-Day Challenge

Maintaining good digestive health can be challenging for your pet, especially if Rover is prone to helping himself to snacks in your pantry! Probios® Intelliflora® offers dog and cat owners a simple and convenient way to support their pet's balanced gut microflora while promoting normal immune system function.

Benefits of Probios® Intelliflora®

  • Combination of beneficial bacterial supports proper digestion in dogs and cats
  • Promotes normal immune system function
  • Helps maintain normal appetite and stool consistency
  • Restores a balanced belly during stressful times like travel or boarding
  • Contains a guaranteed level of live microorganisms
  • Single-use packets make it easy and convenient

Why Probios® Intelliflora®

  • Contains 200 million "viable" colony forming units (CFU) of four strains of beneficial bacteria - 2x more CFU than the market leading brand, which has only one bacteria strain
  • Formula is safe and stable for your pet's tummy
  • Does not include antibiotics
  • Awarded the industry's top quality seal
  • Made in the USA

How To Enter The Probios® Intelliflora® 10-Day Challenge

  • Fill out the contact form below to receive your free 10 day trial of Probios® Intellifora®
  • Give your dog or cat a single dose (1 gm sachet) of Probios® Intellifora® for 10 consecutive days by simply sprinkling it over food or mixing with water
  • Share your pet's experience with Probios® Intelliflora® by completing a survey at both the beginning and end of your trial

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